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"Thank You, Phil!"

My fondest wish for tonight is for Phil Kessel to score a tonne of points tonight against the Boston Bruins.
If this happens, and if the Toronto Maple Leafs are winning, dear reader promise me, if you are at the Air Canada Centre, you will start the chant, "Thank you, Phil!"
Let's turn that horrid chant in to something Leafs's fans can be proud of. Like my earlier suggestion of Waffles of Joy.
A big apology to all my reader, this was a busy week for me philanthropically, preparing for the Rotary Club of Gravenhurst annual TV/Internet Auction, November 27.
But, what a week it was! First place in the league! What?!
It has been so long since I felt something like this... this.. I don't know how to describe it... notshame, is that a word?
I can almost feel something resembling cautious optimism. Unfortunately, years of disappointment have rendered me utterly skeptical. I can't even enjoy this run the way I should. Blue and white blinders, blatant disregard for evidence of problems ahead.
It's hard to ignore the terrible special teams, contributors to the Leafs' terrible records, in the past.
I just want to enjoy the fact that their goalscoring is conquerring all... well, most. Forget the fact that the Leafs have been beneficiaries of a relatively easy schedule in the early-going. I want to enjoy this run, as long as it lasts.
But, so far, I can't. I've been ruined. The fan in me has left the building. I can enjoy the Leafs for the duration of the game, then I go back to thinking that the next game will signal the shattering of the dream.
Why is this happening to me?
History. That's why.
Anyhow, remember what I said.
"Thank you, Phil!"



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