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So? What Do You Think?

What do you think about our Toronto Maple Leafs so far, this season?
Me? I think they are exceeding my expectations.
I figured they would be in a dogfight everytime they played a lower tier team and would be utterly humiliated by every team in the upper echelon.
So far, the Leafs are beating the teams they need to beat. Teams that aren't ready to truly contend. Teams like themselves. And that is the first step to moving out of the basement club.
Sure, they still look insufficient against teams like the Philadelphia Flyers but who amongst us really thought they'd take that step, this year?
Right now I am enjoying winning more games than we are losing. I'm enjoying Phurious Phil Kessel. I am loving Jofrey Lupul. I am welcoming back the old Dion Phaneuf. The second line is starting to score. James Reimer hasn't sucked in goal.
Look, if you are honest with yourself, you know the Leafs went in to this season still needing a number one centre, despite the acquisition of Mr. Glass (Tim Connolly). We still need work on defence. There is still a need for secondary scoring.
Yes, Mike Komisarek will remain the fan's punching bag until his time in Toronto is through. No, noone will seriously entertain getting rid of Luke Schenn, despite a horrible start to the season. And Ron Wilson? Oh, who knows? Does something feel off to anyone else, when it comes to that guy?
So, yes. I think the Leafs are doing alright. In fact, if you skip watching games against Washington, Philadelphia, Detroit and the like, you will probably enjoy watching a fairly successful Toronto Maple Leafs season. Unfortunately, there are those other teams out there hoping to keep the Buds out of the post season, and Toronto had better figure out how to win against the heavyweights, if they hope to move up that ladder. Hopefully, the Waffles of Shame can become Waffles of Joy before too long. Maybe, like the octopus in Detroit?
That's my two cents for today. What do you think?


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