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Need An Investment Tip? Waffles.

Ah, the majestic waffle. Is there a better mascot for those of us mired in the forest of Leafland? Patiently waiting for these Maple saps to turn to sweet syrup... I've gone too far already, I know, but hear me out...

We, the fans, waffling between joy and sorrow. Ecstasy and Rage.

The more I think about this, the more I like it.

I really would like to meet the genius behind the waffle-toss at the Philly game. Shake his/her hand. I love it.

I love it because I am tired of making excuses for this sorry sack of a Leafs' team. If they didn't have the talent, that would be one thing. But if they are going to waste my time by mailing in games... Unleash the waffles!

I really wish I had the money or foresight to invest in this whole waffle craze. I believe it will become a symbol of Leaf Nation's discontent. But, I don't. I'll just have to be happy with the T shirt I made up for myself.

Honestly, tonight is the first game I have looked forward to in ages. I can't wait to see everyone's waffle ingenuity. Signs. T shirts. Costumes? Come on, be-Leafers! Show us what you got!

Waffle-tossers, unite!



  1. Wilson not getting an extension, The Berger King getting canned....life is good!
    BYB, Richard Peddie should get a Waffle House franchise, maybe a Krispy Kreme joint as well. I can see great synergies with the sports bar biz.

  2. This Bobbyshow guy looks like a flippin waffle. You gotta beleaf my pudgy waffle lovin freind. If you have lost love for the team than find another. Just dont be one of those, jump back on the band wagon kinda guys when we start winning. As a young leaf fan that just caught the end of the gilmour/clarke era and have been supporting ever since. If i had a fan sitting beside me at a game and throw a waffle i would punch him right in kisser. Just saying optimism gives faith and something to feel good about. So dont be a debby downer waffle lover.

  3. I look like a waffle? Could it be the T, my anonymous, friend? Pudgy? Wow! You've cut me deep, anonymous. I'd be worried about a punch, if I thought you were ever out of mom's basement, F-R-I-E-N-D. As far as your long-ranging devotion, I've been watching the Leafs my whole life. It doesn't mean I have to love everything they do.

    And who the hell doesn't love waffles?