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Leaf Fans Can't Win

How is it possible for the modern Toronto Maple Leafs' fan to not get swept up in the madness that is Leafs Nation?
Toronto fans, unfairly for the most part, I think, all seem to be categorized as crackpots. As if we are all planning the Leafs' Stanley Cup parade route. Other fans seem to see us as manic followers of a futile pursuit. I see us as well-informed followers of a team that finally seems to be showing signs of life. In fact, we're probably better educated about our team than most fans.
Perhaps a little over-educated. Therein the problem lies.
In the past week I've seen Dion Phaneuf's captaincy called into question (eight games into his reign), I've again seen the offence questioned (as if we didn't know the Leafs are a little thin up top) and today, the coup de grace, a story claiming the Phil Kessel will bring individual awards (possibly the Hart Trophy) back to Toronto.
And the author is paid to write about hockey!
I love Phil, and I hope he does bring some hardware to Hogtown but, how are we, simple Leafs' fans, supposed to remain realistic when, clearly, our paid media correspondents can not?
Does anyone really suppose that Kessel will keep his current pace and score 72 goals, this season? Does Phil have the cast around him to keep keep him in step with offensive juggernauts such as Steven Stamkos, Alex Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby to claim the Rocket Richard Trophy? I'd love it if he did, but... c'mon.
So, what do you think? Is it really us, the fans, who are nuts? Or, is it the media that fans the flames on Maple Leaf Mania?

- bobbyshow


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