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Fickle Leaf Fans?

A buddy of mine commented that I was a fickle Leaf fan, the other day.
Of course, he prefaced it by stating that he was a Hab fan and those who follow Les Canadiens are also the fickle sort.
He made the comment because there was no chatter online after the game five loss to the New York Islanders, as there had been after the four-game win streak that began the Leafs' season. Of course, he was just trying to push some buttons but it did get me wondering... am I a fickle Leaf fan?
I've never really considered it before. I've been a fan of this sometimes dreadful team for more years than I care to remember, so I wouldn't think I was fickle. But, looking back, I was quiet after the loss to the Islanders.
I'm 90 per cent certain that it was only because it wasn't a terrible loss. There wasn't a whole lot to complain about. The Buds stayed in the game and kept working. A bounce here or a call the other way and the Leafs win that game.
My Hab fan friend reasoned that noone was making comments like, "Tough loss, but we'll win the next one," or, "Get them next time, boys!"
Maybe he has something there. On the other hand, fans could just be learning to take these things in stride. After all, we can't all go looting, or threatening to crucify our goaltender after a loss, can we?
No, I think the Leafs are playing well above expectations and we fans are taking the wait and see approach. Cautiously optimistic, if you will. We still brag about our club, but it seems a number of us do it almost with tongue in cheek. Not wanting to throw our entire weight behind the Leafs for fear of being let down again.
As for me, I've made my call. If the Leafs manage to win three of their next four or gain six points of that same span, I will declare them playoff bound. If not, I guess I'll have remain cautiously optimistic about the 2010-2011 season and see how it all plays out.
Of course, if the Leafs somehow crash and burn again... I guess we'll see how fickle we all really are.



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