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Worst. Game. Ever.

Okay, maybe it wasn't that bad but, after three spirited affairs, yesterday's snoozer against the New York Islanders was certainly a letdown.

I watched that one with my brother at a local pub. I'd mention the name, but who closes their pub before the Toronto Maple Leafs game is over?

Anyhow, both of us made comments along the lines of, "Is this a peewee game?"

Both teams looked completely disorganized, the ice looked awful and J.S. Giguere... c'mon, buddy.

Why are you so afraid of the puck these days? I think Gigure had as many goals against as he had saves. Could someone please tell me what happened when that shot hit him in the chest in the first period, when he just froze. It looked like someone had to come hit his reset button.

I had really hoped to be writing a nice piece about Phil Kessel's wrist shot today, but that game was a complete drain on any optimism I was feeling about last week's perfomance.

Yes, I know there was an early fire alarm that woke the Leafs from their peaceful slumber, but Kulemin's first period goal should have lit a fire under the Buds.

Giguere doused that fire, looking like a deer in the headlights. After the first goal that Giguere let past him, I told my brother that Wilson should pull him. He didn't, and the Leafs paid. How can the players have any confidence in Giguere when he has no confidence in himself?

Barring injury, Jonas Gustavsson should be playing out the stretch.

I don't know where 2-straight shutout Giguere went, but the version that returned after the Olympic break is the one the Anaheim Ducks were more than happy to part with for a couple of bad contracts.

There. I feel better.

Rant complete.



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