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Will The Real "Jiggy" Please Stand Up?

Where is the J.S. Giguere that set a Toronto Maple Leafs' record with shutouts in his first two starts?

To be fair, I saw flashes of that goalie in last night's game against the Boston Bruins but, in the end, those flashes were not enough to prevent the Buds from falling 3-2 to the Bruins in a shootout.

What did stand out though was Giguere's obvious discomfort in the Leafs' net. He was kicking out rebounds Pele-style and generally fighting the puck. This does not bode well for the final 19 games as the 2009-2010 NHL season mercifully grinds to a halt for the Maple Leafs.

I suspect, going forward, Giguere will be playing at least 60 per cent of the remaining games, with Jonas Gustavsson playing probably five or six more games.

In order for the Leafs to avoid giving Taylor Hall or Tyler Seguin to those same Bruins (the Leafs' first round pick was traded to Boston earlier this season for Phil Kessel) they will need Giguere to step up his game as the Leafs obviously can not hinge their hopes on an inexperienced forward corps.

Those forwards did their best last night. Notably, Jamie Lundmark showed some hands I didn't know he still possessed as he danced in the corners. Luca Caputi had some chances, although I thought he looked a tad slow on what should have been a clear breakaway. Kessel had three excellent chances and I had hoped he was going to have his Sidney Crosby breakout moment (see: 2010 Olympic Gold Medal Game) in overtime. Alas, it was not to be.

On defence, Dion Phaneuf looked as if he wanted to put the entire Leafs' squad on his shoulders and lead them to the promised land. I don't know what Phaneuf is like as a person, but if he keeps up that kind of play, Brian Burke and Ron Wilson had better break out their sewing needles and get that dusty "C" stitched on Phaneuf's jersey, pronto.

Regardless, for the Leafs to garner anything close to respectability the rest of the way, Giguere is going to have to play as he once did for the Anaheim Ducks, or were they the Mighty Ducks, then? Whatever.

For the Toronto Maple Leafs and their fans, this is the playoffs. Every player needs to play as if there is no tomorrow.

We all know there is no 2010 playoffs in this team's future but, if J.S. can get Jiggy with it, perhaps we won't have to be reminded of this lost season every time Hall or Seguin steps on the ice in the next twenty, or so, years.



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