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Whiner Central


I've just returned from whiner central, I think. I'm a fan. I read other people's blogs. I must say, I'm stunned at the reactions to Brian Burke's moves over the past little while.

Am I the only one who is just happy to have a general manager who actually makes moves? Everybody knew the Toronto Maple Leafs would have to be dismantled before they could be rebuilt, right?

Why all the belly-aching now, then?

I don't want to bag on someone who so obviously has a huge following and appears regularly on my favourite radio station, but if I sold crying towels on his blog, I'd be a very rich man.

And it starts at the top.

This guy, whose name makes me crave fast food, is always moaning about something. It's problably the reason he ends up butting heads with Leafs' players and management so often. A few months ago he was telling people they should forget about the Kessel deal and move forward, now he's inciting the riot. Who, by the way, would ever compare Phil Kessel to Mats Sundin? They are completely different players.

For the record, I was (and am) the biggest Wendel Clark fan ever, so I disagreed vehemently with that deal, but it turned out in the end, I suppose. No Stanley Cup, mind you.

He points out the fact that he called the Leafs to finish in last place... last season. He was a little off, but uses to the point to again bring up the Kessel deal. He used the comment as a springboard to 180 himself into a position to bring up the Leafs dealing away their next couple of first round picks. That's fine. I suppose anyone can change their mind.

But to say Dion Phaneuf is not an upgrade on Bryan McCabe? Them's fighting words! I liked Bryan, too! But he can't even tie Phaneuf's skates.

I understand they both play a similar style, sacrificing a bit of their defensive games in the name of offence, but one look into the eyes of these two players will tell you where the difference lies. Phaneuf is an unrelenting, blood-thirsty winning machine. You won't catch him dying his hair blue, but I'm quite sure Phaneuf will be causing some grey hairs to form on the heads of opposing players for years to come.

Burke has not yet had two full years to put his mark on this team and already there is just one player remaining from the JFJ era. I realize it will take time to lift this team up to anything resembling an NHL squad, but you have to lay the foundation before you build the house, people.

As for that other blog, I'll tell myself I'm not going back, but I like a car accident as much as the next guy and nothing is quite a mind-boggling as the inflated expectations of us Leaf fans. We can 180 and flip-flop with the best of them and, so too can the folks who get paid to blog about them, apparently.

- bobbyshow


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